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How To Keep Huawei P20 Power Saving Mode Always On

If you want to use the p9 for a longer time period you can reduce its power consumption through the power saving mode. Therefore if you own a Huawei P20 you need to be aware of how to keep permanently Power Saving Mode on. You will have to go to the Huawei P20’s status bar so as to turn the power saving mode on.

Under normal circumstances, it only when the Huawei P20 battery life gets below 20% that the Power Saving Mode on the smartphone becomes activate as per the already set standard Huawei settings. However, if you want to keep the Power Saving Mode enabled all of the time on your Huawei P20, you will need to follow the instructions below.


How to keep Power Saving Mode on Huawei P20:

  1. Take the Huawei P20 and power it on.
  2. Find the Menu section
  3. Head to Settings
  4. Choose “Battery
  5. Tap on the “Power Saving Mode
  6. Check and Select the “Start Power Saving,”. While you are there, you will see some of the following options:
  • At 50% battery power
  • At 20% battery power
  • At 15% battery power
  • At 5% battery power
  1. Ignore the other options and Select the “Immediately” option.


After you follow the above steps you will immediately set the Power Saving Mode on your Huawei P20.

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