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How To Mute Huawei P20

There are several different options available for muting ringtones and various other notification sounds if you have just recently purchased one of the Huawei P20 smartphones. Knowledge on how to mute your Huawei P20 aids you to avoid unnecessary interruption at important moments, in meetings or at school.

To ease your life, simple gestures and motions enable you to turn off sounds on your Huawei P20 apart from the functions most smartphones have like the standard vibrate, silent and mute mode. Let’s explain to you how you how to mute a Huawei P20 that you possess.


Muting Huawei P20 with Regular Mute Functions

You can easily and quickly make the Huawei P20 mute using the volume control button. To do that, just hold the button down until it reaches the silent mode. The second method is to swipe down vibrate/ mute option when you get the smartphone’s sound settings.


Muting Huawei P20 with Motions and Gestures

Another fantastic way is to use the motion controls to mute the Huawei P20. Just place your palm on the phone’s screen or turn your phone to lay on its face. The My Device section located on the settings page enables you to access the Motions and Gestures controls on the Huawei P20.

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