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PS4 Version 4.70 Firmware Gets Performance Increase And New Icons

If you’ve update your PS4 to 4.70 firmware, you’ve probably already all the great features on the recent update. But it’s also possible that you’ve been having some problems with the recent PS4 4.70 update. A few of the problems that users have been having include a black screen, and almost bricked consoles. The following is an example from a user that posted their problem on a Reddit forum:



4.70 Almost Bricked My PS4 – Anyone Else? from PS4

Someone else has said that, “Hey, I’ve just had a very similar problem. The ps4 got stuck on the wavy blue thing and after 5+ restarts it finally got to the main menu. Now I’ve got no playstation network connection.”

At this point, Sony has not yet announced a solution to this issue, but it should be expected that Sony will announce something that will fix this soon.

According to the Sony website, the company has added a new element to this recent firmware. It’s been said that users “can now view match results for each player” when they play PlayStation’s tournaments mode.




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