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Apple iOS 11 And iOS 12: How To Cut, Copy And Paste On iPhone And iPad

Apple claims that everything you love just got better with the new iOS 11 and iOS 12. If you too have upgraded the iPhone or iPad to the latest operating system version, you are probably curious about one thing that you were really keen on, from the old iOS – how to cut or copy and then paste pieces of text from anywhere on your Apple device.

It goes without saying that the options are still available and just as useful and effective and they used to be. And nothing really changed about it, which means you’re free to recall how you used to edit texts on your old Mac or even Windows PC.


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The principles are the same, but the location of the features is hidden – or, in any case, the options are not in plain sight. To see what we are talking about and how you too can handle the cut, copy or paste commands on the new iOS 11 and iOS 12, read the following instructions.


The exact steps on how to highlight, select, and edit text in iOS 12 and iOS 11:

  1. Access the app or the page where you have the text that you want to edit;
  2. Tap and hold on any part of the text, in the area that you wish to select;
  3. Hold in that exact position until you notice the magnifying glass popping up;
  4. Then you can release your finger and check if the word where the magnifying glass showed up is now selected;
  5. Your word is highlighted, framed by two cursors (two blue dots), and a small menu showed up on top of it;
  6. For now, focus on tapping one of the cursors – hold it and drag it until you expand your selection as desired;
  7. Repeat, if necessary, with the cursor from the other side of the selected area;
  8. Now look at the menu from above – it should contain several options, the Copy, Cut, and Paste included;
  9. Select the desired feature;
  10. Access the window where you want to copy that text;
  11. Find an empty spot within that window;
  12. Press and hold on it until a new, smaller menu, with the Paste option, shows up;
  13. Select to paste your text.


Feel free to exercise on these “moves” and start better handling the Copy, Cut and Paste commands on iPad or iPhone inĀ iOS 12 and iOS 11.


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