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Apple iOS 11 And iOS 12: How To Set Up A VPN (Virtual Private Network)

The Virtual Private Networks have become the rage of Apple iOS 11 or iOS 12 security and not only. Most users rely on the VPN to communicate safely and effectively, outside of the shady public networks that can always put their information and data at risk. Others do it for easier access to their work documents.

Since the VPN works over Wi-Fi connections as well as over Cellular Data network connections, it is understandable why people ask to create these virtual private networks. And with a little bit of help – like the right information on the supported iOS protocols for VPN or the right settings from your network administrator – it isn’t too complicated to obtain what you really want.


First, activate and configure the VPN on iOS 12 or iOS 11

  1. Start from Settings and launch the app;
  2. Access the section with the General options;
  3. Select the VPN listed in there;
  4. Use the option labeled as Add VPN Configuration.


This is the part where, as suggested above, you will need some outside help. Go get in touch with your network administrator and find out what settings you should use. If you already have a VPN on your PC, you might consider using the same settings with the new device, but it is still best to check with the administrator just to be sure.

It might also help you get some extra information from the Apple Support Page Manual. You’ll find in there the details on the best configuration to use when starting a VPN for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running on iOS 12 or iOS 11.


Second, learn how to turn the VPN On or Off, upon your needs

The Settings page of your Apple device is where you get to do that. That one will be represented by a small icon located in the status bar as long as you are connected using a virtual private network.


Now, in case you have opted for a VPN with multiple configurations, you can switch from one configuration to another, on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch in iOS 12 or iOS 11, from Settings >> General options >> VPN options. Once in there, select your favorite VPN configuration.


Do you still need help with setting up a VPN on iOS 12 or iOS 11?

Whether you just can’t seem to set up the VPN or you have taken the steps to configure the Virtual Private Network on iOS 12 and iOS 11 but now you just can’t connect to it, you might need help. The same goes for when you see the “Shared Secret is missing” alert, this one suggesting that your VPN settings may be incorrect. As expected, the administrator of the network or someone in charge with the IT department should be able to guide you with the right settings and the Shared Secret key details. It’s no shame in asking help and it’s certainly better than struggling all by yourself!


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