Apple iOS 11/iOS 12: How To Add Someone To Group Chat

We talked earlier about how to leave a group chat message on iOS 11//iOS 12 on iPhone or iPad. However, we have not talked about adding person to a group iMessage after the group has been created on iPhone or iPad. The recent update of iOS 11/iOS 12 for iPhone or iPad allow people to add a person to a group iMessage once it is already begun and you do not have to start a new one. The option will only work in a group chat thread and won’t work if a conversation is between a total of 2 users and a third would like to be added.

The instructions below will assist you to learn how to add a person to a group iMessage without needing to create a new message thread. It is very important to keep in mind that the option will only work if the people in the group iMessage is using iMessage and not a combination of SMS and iMessage. This means that anyone who is using an Android cannot be added to a group chat.

Also, after a person has been added to a group message they will only be able to se the messages once they’ve joined the group and will not be able to see anything from before they joined the group.


How to add a person to person to a group message chat with iOS 11/iOS 12:

  1. Make sure the iPhone and iPad is turned off.
  2. Have your Messages application app open.
  3. Choose a group message that you wish to a add a person to.
  4. Choose Details towards the top of your screen.
  5. Choose “add Contact”.
  6. Choose a person that you wish to add to a group messages choose “Done”.

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