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Apple iOS 11/iOS 12: How To Customize Notification Center On iPhone And iPad

How’s your iPhone or iPad in iOS 11/iOS 12 notification bar looking right now? Does it have anything more than the common Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings? If you’d like to see more than that when you pull down the notification bar from the top of the screen, you’ll be happy to know that Apple gives you this option.


Customizing the notification center – because that’s how you call what you’re trying to obtain – can be done in two different ways. One is from the Notifications menu and the other one is from the Settings app.


Option #1 – iOS 11/iOS 12 Notification Center customization – The Settings App

If you launch the Settings app and go to Notifications, you will discover an extended range of options:

  1. You can choose whether to see your notifications by the time when you received them or in a particular order, manually selected by you;
    • See Sort By Time vs Sort Manually;
  2. You can choose which apps you want to communicate with the Notification Center and which ones not to send any notifications;
    • Check the On/Off toggle from Allow Notifications for each app;
  3. Go through the particular notification settings of each app;
    • See features such as badge app icon, sound, etc.


Option #2 – iOS 11/iOS 12 Notification Center customization – The Today Tab

As mentioned, you also have the possibility to make some changes directly from the Today tab of your Notifications bar. When you tap on that icon, you’ll see the list with all the apps and widgets that can send alerts. Each one has a minus icon in red and a plus icon in green. It goes without saying that if you want to allow notifications from a particular app you’ll use the green plus icon, and if you want to block the notifications you’ll use the red minus icon.


As you can see, the Today tab and the Settings app give, in general terms, the same options. If you just want to set some general permission rules, you’re just as good using any of them. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a more advanced customization, the best way to personalize your Notification Center on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11/iOS 12 is from option #1. Go ahead and explore both of them, you’re the only one to tell which will suit your preferences better. At least now you know that you have a choice and you can explore all the possibilities.

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