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Apple iOS 11/iOS 12: How To Fix iPhone Keeps Restarting

If your iPhone in iOS 11/iOS 12 recently started to enter this restarting loop, you must be concerned. It was all fine until it wasn’t and you cannot really tell what triggered this instability. Now, when you expect less, you get to see the Apple logo on its screen and have no other option than to wait for it to restart.


Whether it’s an iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, 6S Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or any other version, as long as you see a pattern and it’s not just an occasional restart, you’re better taking it to an Apple Store. That way, you make sure you benefit from professional servicing and you should get the most accurate response and the fastest solution.


To claim or not to claim your iPhone’s warranty?

Go on and access the Apple Support Page, run your iPhone in iOS 11/iOS 12 through it – the serial number, to be more specific – and you should find out in an instant if the device is still under warranty. If it is – and you’re pretty sure that the restart problem wasn’t triggered by some water damage, which would void your warranty – go ahead and claim the Apple Care warranty. You might save yourself from spending a lot of money since you can never tell what’s causing your iPhone to reboot, shut off, or freeze constantly when running in iOS 11/iOS 12.


What if you are already out of the warranty period?

Older devices that are now out of the replacement period may not benefit from the Apple Care professional service. But that doesn’t make it less vulnerable to restarting over and over again, on the contrary. If you’re in this situation, and it’s so annoying that you can barely enjoy two or three minutes without having it restarted, we have a couple of tips for you to try. Apart from the recovery mode and the restore method, check the following:


Delete the faulty apps

If your iPhone has the automatic app updates turned on, it is possible that one of the most recent updates has taken most of the battery power, which brought your iPhone in this situation. You can and you should delete the app that you suspect as faulty. After that, reboot the smartphone and don’t forget to sync it with iTunes when it turns back. This might solve the problem.


Return to an old backup

When you can’t get along with your iPhone, it’s safe to assume that an older backup, one that wasn’t causing you the iPhone restart problems, will help you get rid of whatever problem you’re having now. Connect the device to iTunes and access an older backup from there. Once the process is completed, the iPhone should no longer restart.


Check the Cellular Data

If not even the previous backup ended the restart cycle, it must be something about your phone’s settings. Start from, obviously, Settings, and go to Cellular. At the Cellular Data option, switch the toggle to Off and then bring it back to On.

Also, you might want to check this out, it’s taken from the Apple Support Page and it might fit your particular situation…


Before you give up and go to an authorized service even if you’ll have to pay for the intervention, try these steps:

  1. Simultaneously press and hold the Home and the Power key;
  2. When the screen goes black, connect to iTunes;
  3. Wait for it to detect the iPhone as running in Recovery Mode;
  4. Now you can restore the iPhone and, hopefully, get rid of the restart with the Apple logo in iOS 11/iOS 12.


After the restore process, you’ll have to set up the phone. It will be empty and with no preference or setting from your old settings. Backing up all the data before initiating the restore process, when the iPhone in iOS 11/iOS 12 keeps restarting, will probably spare you from a lot of frustration!

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