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Apple iOS 11/iOS 12/iOS 13: How To Turn On Battery Percentage Sign

All the Apple devices have a battery indicator on their displays but not all these indicators look the same. For instance, those who recently upgraded their iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 5S or 5 to iOS 11/iOS 12/iOS 13 might notice that the battery life percentage was replaced by a battery icon that changes color as the battery life drains out.


That symbol may be helpful, but it will require you to constantly estimate if you still have half of the batter left, more or less. And when the indicator goes towards the bottom of the tiny battery icon, you get the shivers. You’re clueless and you want back your percentages that were indicating the status so clearly!

At work or on the road, when you don’t have the charger with you, but even at home, when you don’t feel like searching for it around the house, a few percentages more than what you estimated will work well on your moral… So, if you really want to see those percentages on the display, you’re a few seconds away from learning how to fix this update of the latest iOS 11/iOS 12/iOS 13.


The only 5 steps you need to take to display the battery percentage in iOS 13/12/11:

  1. Turn on the smartphone or the tablet;
  2. Launch the Settings app;
  3. Go to General;
  4. Go to Usage;
  5. Switch to the Battery Percentage option.


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Long story short, as long as your iPhone or iPad in iOS 11/iOS 12/iOS 13 is still running, switching to the numerical percentage battery display is that simple. You’ll see the percentage of the battery life and you will know how fast you need to get to a charger.

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