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Apple Releases iOS 11.2.5 Beta

Just recently Apple has released iOS 11.2.5 to developers for those that are part of the Apple Public Beta program. This becomes the fifth beta that has become available to registered developers from the Developer Center of Apple via over-the-air update.

It seems like there’s no major updates or features with this new release of iOS 11 prior to previous beta versions, but only minor performance improvements. There’s a possibility that AirPlay 2 could be coming in future release as many have mentioned. But recently Apple had released newer version of iOS that had helped fix some bugs and security issues that was occurring on the software.

On the earlier beta versions Apple introduced a new feature for Siri that allowed it to play news podcast with asked about the news. Siri by default would bring up The Washington Post, but you have the ability to change it to either NPR, CNN or Fox News.


Public Release Of Newest iOS Could Be Around HomePod Release

Many believe that the official version that will be released to the public will come by the end of this month, roughly around the same time as Apple releases the HomePod.




We’ll be digging around to see if we can find any new features that has been released in this iOS 11.2.5 release and let you know. For those that are part of the Apple Public Beta program, you can easily update to this new release via the over-the-air update.

You can do this by going to Settings, tapping on General and selecting on Software Update. Then just  tap on the button to update to iOS 11.2.5 on your iOS device.



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