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Battery Usage And Heating Problem On YouTube v12.45 Has Been Fixed

For a few weeks it had seemed like people that had been using the most recent YouTube App, v12.45 had noticed a shorter battery life on their iOS device when watching videos. For an example viewing a 30 minute video on YouTube would lead to about a 20% decrease in the battery life of an iPhone. In addition, others had said that their iOS device would get extra hot while on the YouTube app, which is something that shouldn’t normally happen.

It was unknown if the issue was released to something with iOS 11 or the YouTube app it self. But it seems like YouTube noticed this issue themselves as they made a mentioned about this on their Twitter account saying “Hi there! Appreciate the report, this is something we’re actively working on. Thanks for your patience.” You can view the Tweet from the YouTube team below.


Tweet From Team YouTube:



With a recent update to the app on the App Store, it seems like YouTube has fixed this bug. The way that you can verify that the latest version of the app for iOS isn’t killing your battery is by going to Settings, tapping on Battery and seeing that YouTube is not at the top of the list for battery usage apps.

This is great news for those that watch lots of videos on the YouTube app, as it’ll keep your battery lasting for a much longer period of time. Especially with the amount that we use our iPhones all day, every little bit of battery life really goes a long way when you’re not near a power source to charge your iPhone.

If you want to get the latest version of YouTube to see if that will fix your battery issue and overheating for your iOS device. You can go ahead and download the YouTube app from the App Store for free here. Let us know if the new update from YouTube solved the problem that you might have been having with a battery drain and overheating issues.



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