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How To Activate iOS 11 And iOS 12 Text Message Forwarding On iPhone And iPad

We all know that Apple met our expectations every time they released a new product. That was also the case of iOS 12 and iOS 11, on which the company worked upon to fix some software issues and to make a new, better version of it. What they added was the Text Message Forwarding option on iPad and iPhone.

How does it work? This new option takes the messages previously sent to your iPhone and mirrors them in the Messages application on your Mac or iPad. For that to take place, you need to select Text Message Forwarding option and log in with the same Apple ID on both devices. Just as important, you will also have to be signed in with your Apple ID on FaceTime.

The Text Message Forwarding option on iPad or Mac will work only if you introduce an email address to the iMessage application and use FaceTime by entering your iCloud/Apple ID. For those who find themselves in trouble enabling this useful option, we prepared the following tutorial to teach them how to do it.


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How To Activate iOS 11And iOS 12 Text Message Forwarding On iPhone And iPad

First, turn on your iPhone and go directly to “Settings”. Click on “Messages” and select “Send & Receive” button. After pressing on “Use your Apple ID for iMessage” enter your Apple ID username and password – that way, iOS 11 and iOS 12 will allow you to enable to iMessage with an email associated with your Apple ID, besides your phone number. Introduce an email address to log in and then press “Next”. Go back to the iMessage settings and press Text Message Forwarding. The messages that you are going to receive on iPad or Mac, will automatically open while providing a verification code, available only once. The final step is to type that code on your iPhone.

From now on, enabling Text Message Forwarding on your other Apple devices will be piece of cake! Besides, you don`t even need Bluetooth for the Text Message Forwarding option to work, not to mention that your devices can be connected to different Wi-Fi networks.

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