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How To Activate iOS 11/iOS 12 Text Message Forwarding On iPhone And iPad

If you’re surrounded by Apple devices – like you have at least an iPhone and an iPad running in iOS 11/iOS 12 but you don’t always have all of them at hand, you might want to have access to the Text Message Forwarding option. This new addition to the latest iOS version was designed to mirror all the text messages you send from the iPhone to the Messages app on your iPad or Mac.


Of course, for this cool feature to work, there’s also a catch – the two devices that are supposed to communicate this way should have the same Apple ID. And the FaceTime video app should also be signed in through the same Apple ID.

Moreover, putting this Text Message Forwarding option into practice on your iPad or Mac, you will have to configure the iMessage with an email address and, as suggested, use the FaceTime with your iCloud or Apple ID. If you’re confused, read on and it will all make more sense soon enough.


To enable the Text Message Forwarding on iOS 11/iOS 12:

  1. Grab your iPhone and unlock its screen;
  2. Access the Settings section;
  3. Navigate to Messages;
  4. Select the Send & Receive entry;
  5. Tap the Use your Apple ID for iMessage option;
  6. Type the username and the password associated with your Apple ID;
  7. Then, you’ll have the possibility to add to your iMessage an email address linked to your Apple ID, aside from the phone number;
  8. Select the email address you want to associate;
  9. Hit the Next button;
  10. You’ll return to the iMessage settings;
  11. In there, select the option labeled as Text Message Forwarding;
  12. The Messages app will automatically launch;
  13. You’ll get a unique verification code;
  14. Type this code for confirmation.


All these handled on the iPhone, you just need to repeat the same steps on all your other Apple devices. Don’t worry about having to connect the devices to the same Wi-Fi network or to keep the Bluetooth active. None of these is necessary for activating the Text Message Forwarding option on your iPhone or iPad in iOS 11/iOS 12.

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