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How to add and adjust Home screen icons

Many Apple iPhone or iPad in iOS 11 users, particularly the owners of iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, want to know more about the options they have on their Home screens. What to do to be more in control, to keep everything in their preferred order. Today, you will find out how to add new icons and how to change the locations of the ones that already are on your Home Screen. You won’t believe how simple it is!


If you want to add new widgets on the Home Screen of the iPhone/iPad in iOS 11:

  1. Start from there, from the Home Screen;
  2. Find an empty spot;
  3. Press and hold in that area until you notice that a new screen extends over the Home Screen;
  4. From the newly opened Edit Screen, select the Widgets icon;
  5. From the newly opened window with the list of all your iPhone or iPad in iOS 11 widgets, select the one you want to use and long press on it to customize its main settings before you move it to the Home Screen.


If you want to move or to arrange icons that you already have on the Home Screen:

  1. Identify your app;
  2. Tap and hold on it;
  3. Drag it without releasing the hold;
  4. Move it in an area where you want to place it;
  5. Release the icon when you’ve reached the new location.


Your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus will react the same whenever you want to better organize its different icons. With these simple tips, also applicable to the App Drawer, you’re guaranteed to declutter the screen in no time.

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