How To Change Fonts Style On iPhone And iPad In iOS 11

From the tons of different things that you can personalize on your iPhone or iPad in iOS 11, you must have at least thought about the font style and size, so far. This short tutorial will teach you just that – how to work on the display size of your current font and how to make your device more personable with a third-party font downloaded from the App Store.


The simple steps that allow you to change the fonts on your iPhone or iPad in iOS 11 relate to a special feature called just like that, Text Size. You will find this one under the Display settings, if you follow these steps:

  1. First, unlock the screen of your iPhone or iPad device;
  2. Access the Settings app;
  3. Browse until you find the Display & Brightness section;
  4. In there, tap on Text Size;
  5. You’ll see a dedicated slider that you can drag right or left, to increase or decrease the font size;
  6. At the top of the screen, you should be able to inspect a preview of the settings;
  7. When you settle for a particular size, you can leave the menus.


In the event that you want more than a font size adjustment, you can tweak the colors and the styles of your iPhone or iPad in iOS 11. Simply go to the Apple App Store and run a fast search with the Fonts keyword. You’ll get a list of additional fonts, ready to download, for free or in exchange for a particular lump sum. Download whatever you’d like to try or you think enjoys better reviews in there.

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