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How To Cut, Copy, And Paste In iOS 12 And iOS 11 For iPhone

Whether you want to cut a text or just copy it and paste it into another window of iPhone in iOS 12 or iOS 11, all these are basic actions. You cannot expect to enjoy the best that your smartphone has to offer when you don’t even master the ropes of the essential actions. Start with this one and you’ll be happy to discover that there are plenty of instances when one might need to cut/copy/paste different text information. From phone numbers to parts of group messages and even email body texts or online fragments, it’s an entire world of information that you can explore!


It’s not difficult, it’s just that it is not obvious. From the first steps to how to actually access the menu with all these commands, we will show you how to act right away:

  1. Begin by launching the app from where you want to cut or copy your text – as mentioned, it can also be the internet browser or any other stock app from your iPhone in iOS 12 or iOS 11;
  2. Head to the area that you want to copy and simply tap on it, holding down the selection;
  3. A magnifying glass will show up as you do that, the first indicator that you will soon be able to select the exact location from where you want to grab that text – it could be a paragraph you have indicated but you might actually want to take only one short phrase or a sequence from that paragraph;
  4. Place the cursor in there and then you’re free to lift up the finger;
  5. Now you should see several options showing up on the screen;
    • If you tap the Select option, you’ll notice that the word located closest to your cursor will be automatically highlighted;
    • If you tap the Select All option, you’ll see that the entire text will be automatically highlighted;
  6. At this stage, your selection should be framed by two blue dots that mark the beginning and the end of the selection;
  7. You can tap, hold and drag each blue dot separately – do so if you feel the need to adjust this selection even more;
  8. With the final selection in place, suffices to use one of the three options from the menu from above – Cut, Copy, Paste etc;
  9. After you have selected your desired action, head to the new window of the app that should receive your text;
  10. Long press on an empty place on the new screen;
  11. When the Paste option shows up you can release the hold and select the Paste button.


That’s how you select and move around pretty much any text displayed on iPhone in iOS 12 or iOS 11 – the cut, copy, and paste commands work the same like on any other PC.

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