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How To Disable Camera Shutter iPhone And iPad In iOS 11/iOS 12

If you search the web, you’ll see that there are many Apple users out there who are looking for a solution for the frustrating camera shutter sound. They are all asking “How can I disable the camera shutter sound on iPhone or iPad in iOS 11/iOS 12?“. And the reason why there are so many who keep asking about it is right in this question. They all complain about the shutter sound, but nobody calls it by its real name, which is the camera shutter NOTIFICATION sound.


If you would know that this is a notification sound and not just a regular audio sound, how would you proceed about it? Naturally, just like you do when you want to silence your email notifications, your incoming messages notifications, your incoming calls, and so on. You switch the device to vibration or mute. This is one way to make that sound stop and, we have to admit, it is not very convenient. Who wants to have to constantly focus on the ring mode that the device is set to, whenever they want to take a picture?

Behind this not so pleasant option, however, lies another important aspect that you might miss. And just so it happens, this aspect is the answer to another common question – “Why can’t I stop the camera shutter sound when I plug in the headphones?“. Again, because – notification.


Your music stops and the ringtone of an incoming call goes out through the speakers, even when you are listening to music in your headphones. It happens because the iPhone or iPad in iOS 11/iOS 12 knows that whatever is set as a notification must be important enough to get to your ears, through the speakers. That’s why the headphones are bypassed and the camera sound also goes through the speakers when you take a picture: the device sees it as a notification.

You’ve heard us – you must use the smartphone’s Volume Down button from the side of the case until it goes into the Vibrate Mode. Or, you can forget about the stock app and download a third-party camera app from the Store. There are some options out there, specifically designed for iPhone or iPad in iOS 11/iOS 12, that don’t have this shutter sound.


Just consider thisthis sound was set by default because the U.S. legislation, just like the legislation in many other countries, clearly states that any device with a digital camera must accompany any picture by an audio sound. It’s illegal to turn it off because it would favor you to take silent pictures of people who don’t want to be photographed and who have the right of not being photographed. We know you’re only doing this so you will be able to take selfies with your iPhone or iPad in iOS 11/iOS 12 without drawing everyone’s attention, but be careful about it!

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