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How To Exit Group Text On iPhone And iPad In iOS 11/iOS 12

Are you really determined to exit a group text from your iPhone or iPad in iOS 11/iOS 12? Or you’re just saying it right now because you’ve had enough of their messages and you’re frustrated with all those notifications that are irrelevant to you? You know, if you insist on this extreme measure, you might as well consider that once you do it, you will no longer have the chance to return to that group.

Try to remember what brought you into that group in the first place. Talking to a bunch of friends, to all of them at once, is a cool thing. And it saves you time. Not to mention that it helps you better organize common events. So, what if you’ve now come to a point where you feel like the topic of the discussion has nothing to do with your personal interests?


There’s a hard way to go about it, the part that we have just mentioned above, to definitely leave that group message and never have the chance to return to it. And there’s a soft way, that will involve to turn off all the noise that could come from that thread. You continue to be a part of the group, but you choose to block any notification from any new message you receive in there. It still gives you full access, you can still read their conversations anytime you want. But that’s the catch, you do it only when you want and when you manually access that group text to check their messages.

Let’s revise your options starting from the least extreme one, shall we?


First, just mute the group chat through the Do Not Disturb option

When you activate the Do Not Disturb option on a particular group, you will get all the benefits that we have described above. Your Apple ID or your mobile number will remain in that conversation and you can choose to return to the normal status – the one where you get message alerts – anytime you want. To tweak this Do Not Disturb feature:

  1. Go to Messages;
  2. Browse for the message thread of your group;
  3. Select it;
  4. Select the Details menu;
  5. Scroll down to the Do Not Disturb option;
  6. Tap on its button to turn it on.


This method is simple, practical, and effective with any kind of group chat – group iMessage or group iMessage and SMS and, of course, group SMS-only.

Now, if you insist on doing a lot more than our suggestion, you can read the second option:


Second, you can exit once and for all from that group text

As suggested, you’ll have to use the Leave this Conversation option. As opposed to the Do Not Disturb option, that works on any kind of group, this one will only work with group iMessage-only. You’ll easily notice it when instead of the active button with a red font you’ll get a grayed-out button that does nothing when you tap on it.

To get to that button, just:

  1. Open the group message;
  2. Tap on its Details menu;
  3. Go through the list of details (participants, attachment summaries, location etc.);
  4. And find that Leave this Conversation option.


If you’re lucky and it’s active, you can leave your group text in Messages on iPhone or iPad in iOS 12 without any other complication. If not, there is really no other way to handle this situation than by using the Do Not Disturb. You’ve entered a mixed group text and you cannot leave it. Just mute it, it’s no big deal!

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