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How To Exit Group Text On iPhone And iPad In iOS 13, iOS 12 And iOS 11

The group text is a special feature of the Messages app, available on any iPhone or iPad in iOS 13, iOS 12 and iOS 11 and not only. Allowing you to organize your friends by groups of interest and to deliver messages to all of them at once, the group of messages (whether it’s group iMessage, group SMS, or group MMS) can be very handy or very annoying, at least on different occasions.

Again, it’s a matter of perspective and Apple knows it well. At times, you will be excited about communicating in almost like real time with an entire group of friends. But there will also be moments when you won’t be interested in what some of the group text participants discuss. That’s why you have the option to mute a particular group for a while. And if it is too much for you, you can obviously also exit that group for good.


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Now that you know you have two options when you’re being bothered by a particular group, learn more about each of them. We will start with the temporary one since the other, leaving the group text for good, is irreversible!


How to mute a particular group chat in in iOS 13, iOS 12 and iOS 11 Apple Messages

  1. Launch the Messages app;
  2. Go all the way to that particular group that you want to mute;
  3. Select the group;
  4. Access its Details section;
  5. In there, look for the Do Not Disturb option;
  6. Tap on that button and turn it on.


You have just activated the Do Not Disturb option on that group alone. You can take this course of action with any other group from your Apple iPhone or iPad in iOS 13, iOS 12 or iOS 11. By doing so, you will continue to be a part of it, receive whatever messages your friends are texting, and be able to look through the chat history even when you’ve been away from your device for a while. The only thing that changes is that the phone or the tablet will no longer alert you in any way – no sound, no vibration, no Notification Center alert.

You can always turn the Do Not Disturb feature on or off, on any group, be it a mixed group or one focused exclusively on SMS or MMS. Now, for the more serious alternative…


How to permanently leave from a group chat in iOS 13, iOS 12 and iOS 11 in Apple Messages

  1. Launch the Messages app once again;
  2. Select the group that you want to leave;
  3. Select the Details option;
  4. Go through the list of submenus like the details of the chat participants, the location settings, the attached files;
  5. When you find a button that says, in red font, “Leave this Conversation”, just hit it.


If you find this button but, instead of the red font, it is all grayed out and nothing happens when you tap on it, bad news. It looks like that one is a mixed group, not an exclusive group iMessage, and you don’t have the option to leave it permanently.

In this case, instead of how to exit group text on iPhone and iPad in iOS 13, iOS 12 and iOS 11, you can only use the instructions from above, on how to mute a group text. There’s nothing you can do about it other than to turn off all the notifications coming from there and decide to ignore it for a much as you can. No exit option for mixed groups!



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