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How To Fix No Sound On Apple iPhone And iPad In iOS 11/iOS 12

We know that smartphones nowadays do a whole lot more than what the simple, old ones did, the phones with no digital display that had the sole purpose of facilitating a conversation at distance. But, even so, if we take out that main purpose, the smartphones would no longer respect the definition of a phone.

For the Apple iPhone and iPad in iOS 11/iOS 12 users that have encountered sound problems while trying to take in an incoming call or to speak while in a current conversation on the phone, we made this tutorial. The following steps are going to guide you to fix your smartphone sound problems.


Here is what you have to do to fix Apple iPhone and iPad in iOS 12 sound issues:

Pick up your device and turn it off completely. Remove the SIM card and then carefully place it back in. Turn on your mobile device.

The possible causes of your phone’s malfunctioning are, among other things, the dust particles, debris or even dirt stuck in the area of the microphone. In that case, you should use compressed air to clean it. Be careful not to cause any more damage.

If the problems continue, you also need to continue your investigation and identify the real cause. The Bluetooth is another possible reason for your Apple iPhone or iPad in iOS 12 problems. Try turning off your Bluetooth and see if the problem was solved.

The fourth solution that we suggest is to clean the cache from your mobile device. For a more detailed guide, go to this article on how to wipe the cache on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11/12. If that isn`t working, then you have the option to boot your phone into Recovery Mode.

We hope that, with these possible actions, we helped fix your phone. If not, it is for the best to get your iPhone or iPad in iOS 12 checked by an Apple technician or to contact the retailer and have it replaced.


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