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How to Fix Wallpaper Zoom Feature on iOS 11 And iOS 12 with Perspective Zoom Feature:

The wallpaper zoom feature on iPhone and iPad devices was introduced with the iOS 7.1 and it was kept with all the intermediary versions of operating systems, up until the iOS 11/iOS 12. If you are looking to ditch this perspective zoom feature that maintains the zooming on your phone’s or tablet’s Home Screen or Lock Screen, read the instructions from below:


  1. Go to Settings >> Wallpaper;
  2. Tap on the option labeled as Choose a New Wallpaper;
  3. Within the Preview screen, right at the bottom, identify the Perspective Zoom feature;
  4. Tap on Perspective Zoom and switch its toggle from On to Off;
  5. Go on searching for a wallpaper that you would like to use;
  6. Select your desired wallpaper from the gallery of dedicated wallpapers or from your Photos library;
  7. Set the picture, for the Lock Screen, for the Home Screen, or for both of them.


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Now you can leave the settings and analyze the way that your new wallpaper on the iPhone or iPad inĀ iOS 12 or iOS 11 behaves. The parallax effect must be disabled by now and the wallpaper will no longer zoom. Every object will stay on the screen, without giving you the issue.

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