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How To Hard Reset Apple iPhone And iPad In iOS 13/iOS 11/iOS 12

If you have just purchased an iPhone or iPad running iOS 11/iOS 12/iOS 13, you may have an issue with the smartphone not responding properly and occasionally not performing like usual. It is recommended to do a hard reset on Apple iPhone or iPad using iOS 13/iOS 11/iOS 12. When you do a hard on Apple iPhone or iPad on iOS 11/iOS 12, it will reset the device to the original settings like when you took it out of the box. Take a look below to learn how to hard reset Apple iPhone and iPad in iOS 13/iOS 11/iOS 12.

If you are about to perform a hard reset on Apple iPhone or iPad using iOS 13/iOS 11/iOS 12, you should probably back up all of your data and information on your device just in case something occurs during the reset process. You can back up data on iPhone or iPad on iOS 11/iOS 12/iOS 13 by navigating to the Settings, then General, then Storage, then iCloud, then Manage Storage, and then Backups.


How to Hard Reset an Apple iPhone and iPad in iOS 13/iOS 12/iOS 11:

  1. Click and hold the iPhone and iPad using iOS 13/12/11 wake/sleep buttons and the home button simultaneously.
  2. Hold both of them for 10 seconds.
  3. The iPhone or iPad using iOS 13/12/11 will do some weird things until it starts again.
  4. You will then see the home screen again.

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