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How To Leave Group Messages On iOS 13, iOS 12 Or iOS 11

For so long, we have tried to find the best way for you to simultaneously talk to all your friends, family and work colleagues in a friendly online environment. Having to type separately, twice or even ten times, the same message for each and every person that belonged to your group can be tiring. At the same time, the multiple opened thread sheets could easily make you anxious and, in time, cause you to change the way you express yourself. Group message chats were the innovation that alleviated all our communication problems. But, as always, there is a small impediment for it to be perfect.

In our case, the increasing number of messages that come over time on iOS 11, iOS 12 or iOS 13 for iPad and iPhone is a real inconvenient. There are moments when you don`t even want to be a member of a group chat or you find the number of the incoming messages disturbing. That’s when you decide to leave the respective group message chat or, at least, to mute the notifications. The following steps will guide you through the process of leaving an iMessage Group Chat and muting your friends on iPhone iOS 13, iOS 12 or iOS 11.


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Here is what you have to do in order to leave a Group Messages Chat on iOS 13, iOS 12 and iOS 11:

First off, you need to open the application of the group chat on iOS 13, iOS 12 or iOS 11. In the right corner, at the top of your mobile display, you will find the icon labeled as “Details”. Click on it and you’ll get a series of information: a list of the names of all the group participants, a compilation of photos and videos previously shared on the group, as well as the audio clips and the location settings attached to the thread.


The next step is to select the button with the following red inscription “Leave this Conversation” that will allow you to leave the group chat. Once you choose to leave the group you have to know that you cannot return or receive other future messages.


Another piece of crucial information is that this procedure works only with groups composed of members that use the application iMessage. In case you clicked on “Details” and the “Leave this Conversation” button is all grayed out or it doesn`t appear at all, it means that the chat group you want to leave is composed of members who use both SMS and iMessage.

If you find the idea of leaving the group extreme, and you just want to mute the Chat Group in Messages, now you can do that with the option Do Not Disturb.


For some iPad and iPhone users, leaving the Chat Group implies giving up on future valuable information, therefore, they just want to make sure that the continuous flow of notifications won`t end up bothering them. If that is your case, and your phone number or Apple ID is part of an iMessage Group Chat, then, select the Do Not Disturb button. Go to Messages, select the thread with the name of the group you want to mute, and then click on Details. Scroll until you find the Do Not Disturb button and then activate it.


From now on, the Notification Center will no longer alert you that you received messages from that particular Group Chat by means of sound and vibration. The advantage of using the Do Not Disturb button is that you can return to see old messages that, perhaps, you missed or review some important information. And the best part, this method works with all kinds of Chat Groups, meaning its users can rely on the SMS alone, the iMessage alone, or both of them.


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