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How To Paste On iPhone And iPad In iOS 11/iOS 12

Say you’re new to the Apple iPhone or iPad in iOS 11/iOS 12 universe? Want to learn as fast as you can, as much as there is to know about using your new device effectively? Copying and pasting texts is one handy option and we’re here to introduce you to it.

The thing with how to paste on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11/iOS 12 is that it is highly effective, very easy, and, generally speaking, a powerful option BUT it is also invisible. To the first-time user like you are, finding this hidden tool is not so easy. Sure, it’s quite similar to the Windows PC or Mac copy & paste style, but where do you get these commands from? How can you select and cut or copy and then paste a fragment from an email or another app where you read texts?


Read the following instructions and you’ll get your answers:

  1. Select the text;
  2. Long press on it;
  3. Tap on the option you need, from the menu that shows on the display;
  4. Move to the app where you want to copy the selected text;
  5. Long press in an empty editing area;
  6. Again, select the desired option – in this particular case, the Paste feature.


You’ll see, it’s more like something you need to practice regularly. Once you realize how intuitive it is, you’ll find it more than reasonable. And you’ll appreciate the option of using the magnifying glass in Google Search or sharing some text right from the iOS share button.


The tricky part will be to highlight the entire text that you want to copy, not just the one that gets automatically selected when you long press on that paragraph. Go on and explore the Select All, Copy, Cut and Paste options and modify your texts however you want.


Of course, you may occasionally bump into texts – particularly web pages – that are protected against the standard text selection. In such situations, you won’t be able to paste the text on your iPhone or iPad in iOS 11/iOS 12. But in any other context, you’re guaranteed to use the above steps flawlessly.

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