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How To Remove iCloud Lock On iPhone And iPad In iOS 11/iOS 12

Every iPhone or iPad in iOS 11/iOS 12 has an Apple ID. That identification number is directly connected to Apple’s anti-theft service, the popular Find My iPhone. That way, you can be sure that in the unfortunate context that your precious device gets lost or, worse, is stolen, you will be able to trace it. Once the Find My iPhone feature is active, that device will be impossible to restore without using its Apple ID login password first.


All these being said, the iCloud activation in the absence of a password is almost impossible – with emphasis on “almost”. On the plus side, as long as one cannot unlock the device and bypass this initial activation, the phone is safe from getting into the wrong hands. Apple introduced this service after a concerning number of stolen iPhones or iPads in iOS 11/iOS 12 were being stolen and then sold on the black market. On the down side, however, one might happen to forget this password at some point. Or there are even instances when you purchase your device from a third-party, you find out that the Find My iPhone service is up and running, but you’re clueless on the iCloud lock password.

Back to the “almost impossible” part from above, we can show you how to tackle the iPhone iCloud action lock issue. One of the best things you can do, before continuing reading this guide, is to check this resource on Apple iCloud Bypass Unlock Tool.


What can you do to bypass the iCloud Lock on your iPhone/iPad in iOS 11/iOS 12?

First of all, you could try to get in touch with that third-party seller or the device’s owner. That person should access their iCloud account and opt to remove this particular iPhone from their Apple ID.


Alternatively, you could choose to delete the account currently configured on the device. You will have to Restart it, go to the iCloud settings when prompted, and where you would normally disable the Find My iPhone feature by typing the correct password, you will select, instead, the Delete Account option. At the same time, turn off the Find My iPhone and, right after that, turn off the iPhone itself. When you turn it back on, the old account should be deleted and you should no longer deal with the locked Apple ID.

Hopefully, one of our methods or the video showed above have helped you deactivate the Find My iPhone feature without using that password that you just don’t know. It is cautious to say, however, that not all software specialized in bypassing the iPhone activation works on every occasion with every iPhone or iPad in iOS 11/iOS 12. More often than not, you will still need the account information held by the previous user. More details on this topic, however, you’ll find in this iCloud guide – Remove Find My iPhone for the iPhone Activation Bypass.

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