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How To Screenshot On iPhone And iPad In iOS 11

iPhone and iPad in iOS 11 are great devices and, among the numerous features, users often rely on the Screen Shot option. Apple implemented it as an easy way to transmit information at your job, with your friends, or in many other situations. If you don`t have the foggiest idea on how to do a screenshot, consider reading this tutorial.

Although the way you screenshot on an iPhone or iPad running on iOS 11 isn`t at all different from the way you were taking screenshots on any other previous model, we are going to teach you how it is done.


How To Screenshot On iPhone And iPad In iOS 11

Taking a screenshot on any of these devices is actually extremely easy. All you have to do is to press and maintain the finger on your device`s Power button while pressing, at the same time, the Home button. Hold it until you hear the sound of a shutter, the sign that the screenshot was taken. After completing this task, a pop-up message will come from the top of your screen. This message will guide you directly to the screenshot, letting you access it freely.

So, the steps to getting a screenshot of your smartphone’s screen is to keep pushing both Power and Home buttons, at the same time, until you get that flash signal telling you that you have successfully saved the image.

Almost instantly, the message tray of your Apple iPhone or iPad in iOS 11 will display a shortcut from where you can visualize the caption.

We hope that, with the help of this tutorial, you will start using this handy screenshot option more often.


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