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How To Turn OFF iPhone And iPad In iOS 11, iOS 12/iOS 13 Camera Shutter Sound

This isn’t about the quality of your Apple iPhone or iPad in iOS 13. iOS 12 or iOS 11’s camera tech features or app. We know that it has excellent high megapixel quality, which is probably why you are tempted to use it even more often. But with frequency comes the problem of using it in private spaces. Or just spaces where you should keep quiet. How does your camera shutter sound scrap the silence? Pretty obvious and pretty annoying, we assume, if we are to judge by the observations of many other users.

The thing is that you don’t have to want to spy someone or to secretly take snapshots of things you shouldn’t have access to, in order to be bothered by this sound. Maybe you just want to take a selfie in one of the contexts described above. You don’t want to disturb the people from around you. And you certainly don’t want to draw all the eyes on you.

In case you were wondering, the reason why the camera app makes this sound by default has some sort of legal explanation. In the United States, just like in many other countries from the globe, one doesn’t have the right to turn off the camera shutter sound.

This rule applies to any digital camera device, on the grounds that people must be warned when a picture is taken around them. They have the right to know that they might be caught up on camera and they must give their consent before you get to do so.


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We will assume, just like we suggested, that you have the best intentions – to picture yourself without disturbing the others. Turning off this sound is still something you’re doing at your own risk! And now, here’s your guide on how to turn off the sound on iPhone or iPad in iOS 13, iOS 12 and iOS 11 camera app.


Option #1 – turn down the volume until you mute it

Whether you use the Sound settings to set the device on mute or you adjust its ring mode to vibrations, from the Volume Down button located on its side, these two options will do it. If the Apple iPhone or iPad in iOS 13, iOS 12 and iOS 11 is set to the loud ring mode, the shutter sound will also be loud and clear. But the moment you switch to one of the other two modes, you’re safe.


Option #2 – turn to another camera app

It’s not impossible to use a third-party camera app with your iPhone or iPad device. The iOS stock camera app is set to play this shutter sound by default, but other camera apps don’t have this feature. So, suffices to access the Apple App Store and get a third-party app in there – obviously one that enjoys a good rating. Start using that one and you should get rid of this problem with the camera sound.


Notethe headphones trick doesn’t work! Maybe you’ve tried it and didn’t know why you’re still getting the shutter sound through the speakers instead of through the headphones. Or maybe you were planning to trick your app into it. Long story short, the Apple iPhone or iPad in iOS won’t take silent pictures even when the headphones are plugged in because this shutter sound is a notification sound, not a media audio!


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