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How To Turn OFF iPhone And iPad In iOS 11/iOS 12 Camera Shutter Sound

Did you know that, in America and in many other countries worldwide, turning off the camera shutter sound of any device with a digital camera is illegal? This, of course, relates to every person’s right on knowing if, when, how, and why they are being photographed. If you have a digital camera you shouldn’t be able to take snapshots in any public or private space, to people who don’t realize that you’re photographing them. That’s why the camera shutter sound is active by default.

But how about when you’re looking to take a harmless selfie that includes no one else but you and maybe a cool backdrop? You should be able to do it, even though, theoretically (and practically), you are doing it at your own risk. Now that you know it, we can move on to the details of how to do it.


You’ve noticed, the headphones cannot help you!

You must be wondering why not. You listen to music and the sounds come out through the headphones. You take one picture and the sound suddenly chooses to come out through the speakers. What’s wrong with it?


There’s nothing wrong and the answer is actually quite intuitive. The difference that you may not notice is in the type of audio sound that you try to channel through the speakers or the headphones. In one case, with your music, it’s a media audio kind of sound, while in the other case, with the camera shutter sound, it’s a notification sound.

That’s right, notification sounds, as long as your iPhone or iPad in iOS 11/iOS 12 is set on the loud ring mode, will have priority. The device is instructed to notify you as loud as possible, so it cuts the headphones and deliberately displays that notification sound through the speakers. It’s nothing centered around the camera app, you’ll see that it does the same with the incoming messages, incoming calls, or any other alert.


What are you going to do to counteract this setting? From where we stand, you have two simple ways to actually bring the camera shutter sound to silence:

  1. Use a different camera app;
  2. Keep the iPhone/iPad on mute.


The first one may be a bit intimidating because you will have to surf the Apple App Store and find a third-party camera app that is worthy of replacing your stock iOS 11/iOS 12 camera app. You’ll obviously need to try several different versions until you will find one that you truly like and that doesn’t come with that annoying sound.

The second option may seem easier, but it can prove frustrating in the long run. You’d have to switch from loud ring to mute on and off and you might easily forget to do so and miss important notifications or calls. But practice will tell you which of these options works better for you. Maybe the vibration mode would be a good compromise for muting the volume of your iPhone or iPad in iOS 11/iOS 12 camera. As long as it’s not the loud ring mode, anything else will cut the shutter sound!


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