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How To Turn OFF Keyboard Click Sounds in iOS 12 And iOS 11 For iPhone And iPad

The sound is one of those features that can help you personalize your iPhone or iPad in iOS 12 and iOS 11. Whether it is the sound that comes from unlocking the display, the sound of delivering a text message, or the sound of an incoming call, there will be plenty of instances when your Apple device will play a certain sound. Believe it or not, the clicking sound that you get whenever you touch the keyboard is from the same category.

If you find it to be annoying and cannot help but wonder why on earth did Apple introduce this sound effect, the answer is simple: to ease your experience with the virtual keyboard. Just so you won’t feel the only one exasperated by it, keep in mind that this doesn’t come with the iPhone or iPad in iOS 12 and iOS 11 devices alone. No, it goes way back to pretty much any older model of device and version of operating system.

Think of iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone7, iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPhone 6s, iPhone 5S, iPhone 4S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2 or 3, iPad Air or iPad Air 2 and so on. From iOS 8 to present, the keyboard clicking sound effects have been a constant presence. The only good news so far is that whatever device you are using, you can turn off these sounds.

Moreover, you can turn off the keyboard click sounds in iOS 12 and iOS 11 for a temporary period of time or permanently.


To temporarily turn off the keyboard sound in iOS 12 and iOS 11:

  • Either tap and hold the volume button until you switch the phone or the tablet from the loud ring mode to vibration and, finally, to mute;
  • Or you just go to the sound settings and switch it to mute directly.


This temporary action will help you keep the iPhone or iPad in iOS 12 and iOS 11 silent during your private meetings. Obviously, the moment you switch back to the loud ring mode, the clicking sounds will become active once again.


To permanently turn off the keyboard sound:

  1. Go to Settings;
  2. Tap on Sounds;
  3. Tap on Keyboard Clicks – this one should be towards the bottom of the menu;
  4. Identify the Keyboard Clicks entry;
  5. Switch its dedicated toggle from On to Off.


Now you can leave the settings and return to using the device just like you usually do. Launch whatever app that works with the keyboard and test it to see if you’re still getting the annoying sound. You won’t, so, just enjoy the new experience. When you’ve had enough of it, repeat the steps described at method 2 from above. This time, you will obviously have to switch the Keyboard Clicks setting from Off to On.

Just to be clear, the methods presented in here are just as effective for any of the Apple devices you are using. Moreover, the general sound settings can be accessed in the exact same way on any operating system and device model from the ones we have initially listed. So, this tutorial is not just for the iPhone or iPad in iOS 12 and iOS 11 users!


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