How to Turn OFF Parallax Effect in iOS 11/iOS 12

The new release of iOS 11/iOS 12 gave us a good amount of brand new features that users like especially the new feature that basically gives you a better battery life. However, this feature actually uses the accelerometer and gyroscope together to make an illusion like it is actually 3D. It may seem interesting in the beginning, some people are getting tired of it and would like to turn the parallax effect feature off.


How to Turn Off Parallax Effect Feature

The feature is easy to disable the Parallax Effect feature. In the beginning, it may seem to be a bit difficult to locate the location to turn off the Parallax Feature. Take a look at the following steps in order to learn how to turn the feature off.

  1. Go to the Settings.
  2. Then select General.
  3. Select Accessibility.
  4. Select Reduce Motion.
  5. You will see a another display show up that has a switch once you choose “Reduce Motion”.
  6. The toggle switch should be grayed out by default.
  7. Switch the toggle to turn Reduce Motion ON which sub sequentially turn parallax effect OFF.


Other Accessibility Options

  1. Zoom: This feature allows users to zoom in or out of your screen if the screen is just a bit to large or small.
  2. Invert Colors: This feature will reverse the colors of iOS. This feature will basically give you a “night mode” when using iOS 11/12 since most menus are white.
  3. Grayscale: This option turns the entire display black and white, removing all colors which will give you a better batter life.
  4. Speech: This feature will give you a menu named “Speak Selection” that can read you selected text aloud. This is great when you are doing chores and you need to multitask.
  5. Larger Text: This feature is quite self evident. Even if your eyes are great, the larger text will be easier to read rather squinting.
  6. On/Off Labels: This options puts in I/O letter for toggle switches, giving a nice UI aesthetic to iOS 12.
  7. LED Flash for Alerts: This feature will allow iOS 11/iOS 12 users enable LED Flash for alerts which is what Android users have been loving.
  8. Phone Noise Cancellation: This option decreases ambient noise when you are making a phone call so that it is much easier for you to be able to hear the other person that is on the phone.
  9. Subtitles & Captioning: This feature provides subtitles and captions for people that may be having a difficult hearing or the speed of the video is just to fast to read.
  10. Guided Access: This option allows your iPhone to restrict itself to a specified app and disable certain parts of the display or all turn any hardware buttons off. This is very helpful for the times you hand your device over to a child or friend.
  11. Assistive Touch: This feature assists people that have issues with navigation with the touch screen but it is also used for making your own bunch of customized gestures.

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