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How To Turn Off QuickType On iOS 11/iOS 12

Right about when you have switched to the iOS 11/iOS 12, you might have noticed that your iPhone or iPad started to anticipate your typing and suggest certain words while looking at the first letters that you use when you’re texting. Some people are quite impressed with it, but if you’re not among them, you don’t have to feel weird. This so-called QuickType feature can be easily enabled or disabled.


Our suggestions, however, would be to give it a chance. In time, you might notice how the feature “learns” your behavior and typing patterns, getting to the point where it can make a suggestion even before you type the first letter of the next word. Until then, as usual, we help you get to know your options.


The six steps that will disable or enable the QuickType option in iOS 11/iOS 12:

  1. Unlock the iPhone/iPad;
  2. Go to the Settings app from the Home screen;
  3. Select the General menu;
  4. Select the Keyboard;
  5. Select the Predictive option;
  6. Tap on the toggle next to it to adjust the status.


Now that you know the exact instructions on how to disable the QuickType feature of an Apple device running in iOS 11/iOS 12, you’re free to turn it On and Off, depending on your preferences. Just like with any other option controlled through a special toggle, it goes without saying that whatever you want to do, you can only tap on its toggle. Depending on the status it was previously set on, it will switch to the opposite mode. Now go test the Predictive toggle as per our suggestions and familiarize yourself with these simple instructions.

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