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How To Unblock Websites On iPhone And iPad In iOS 13/iOS 11/iOS 12

The internet has become such a common and easily accessible resource, on iPhone and iPad in iOS 11/iOS 12/iOS 13, just like on any other device. With more and more people spending a significant number of hours online, Internet Censorship started to rise in popularity. Of course, it’s not among the ones addicted to the internet, but rather among those hoping to keep their peers – work colleagues, students at the school etc. – to focus on whatever they are supposed to do instead of surfing the web.

If the location you’re at is blocking your access to the web, take a look at our previous articles where we were sharing with you the secrets of how to block a website on Mac and how to block a website in general. By simply following the steps presented in there, in reverse order, you’ll get your answer.

Of course, there are also instances when the one who initiated the Internet Censorship has restricted your access to manually unblocking a website. Whether it’s Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google News, eBay, StumbleUpon or who knows what platform you’ve lost access to, there is still hope. Read on and you’ll find no less than 7 different methods to skip the blockage.


#1 – Use a proxy website

Such anonymizers are more and more popular because they allow you to access a particular website through their servers and navigate on it from your device. KProxy and Anonymouse are two of the best-rated proxy server websites, but here’s a list of Top 50 Most Popular Free Proxy Websites.


#2 – Replace the URL with the IP Address

Instead of typing the website URL in the address bar, like you used to, type the IP address of that website. To find out what IP address you should use, suffices to open a command prompt and ping that website’s domain. Write down the IP address that you’re being returned and use it. As you might find out, this method will only work if the blocking software doesn’t map the IP address of that website’s domain. If that’s the case, you should unblock Facebook at work or at school, or any other website, without complications.


#3 – Try The Onion Router

This free software will help you hide the original IP address by routing it through a series of points across the world. If you have the patience to use TOR – because yes, all this process takes time and slows down your navigation – the blocking software may not stand a chance.


#4 – Use a software that hides the IP

Quite often, the websites you’re trying to access from school appear blocked because they have their IPs blocked on your device. You can bypass this problem with an IP hiding software. As you can expect, you’ll find paid and free software that does this sort of thing. While the free versions will come with fewer features, they are just as effective when it comes to getting rid of the most common blocks. Our suggestion is to try UltraSurf.


#5 – Use a Virtual Private Network software

Think of the VPN as to the upgraded proxy website. It’s a tunnel that gives you more anonymity than those proxy websites while operating right under the public network and encrypting all the data that it transfers. It sounds fancy and it is, which is why you’ll have a hard time finding a free VPN – these days, most versions are paid only. Nevertheless, we know a free one – HotSpotShield – that you’ll want to try.


#6 – Switch the DNS servers

Yet another reason why a website may be blocked at school or at work is represented by the DNS servers. When your internet provider’s DNS servers are blocked from sharing the locations of the websites you’re trying to access, you’ll have to change the DNS servers’ settings on your device. Try using OpenDNS’s or Google’s DNS. That way, you’ll not only unblock any website, but you’ll also enjoy an enhanced internet speed.


#7 – Use the cache version of that website

The last trick you can pull is to use the cache of the web pages indexed by the search engine you’re using. Whether it’s Yahoo, Google or Bing, search the website you want to access and click on the cached link displayed next to its search result. To speed things up, choose the text-only version.


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