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How To Use Screen Recording iOS 12 And iOS 11 On iPhone And iPad

A great thing new feature part of iOS 11 and iOS 12 is screen recording that you can now do on iPhone and iPad. This is the first time Apple has introduced an official way to record screen on iPhone and iPad with its new iOS 11 built-in feature.

Compared to before where you can only take a screenshot of something on your screen, now you can video record screen on iPhone and iPad on iOS 12 or iOS 11. Below we’ll be digging into the new screen recoding on iOS 12 or iOS 11.

Once you’ve enabled screen recording on iOS 12 or iOS 11, you can quickly access this new feature within seconds. When the feature has been turned on, you can turn on screen recording directly from the Control Center. Follow the steps below to enable screen recording on iOS 12 or iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad. 


How to turn on screen recording in iOS 12 and iOS 11

  1. Power on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Open Settings
  3. Go to Control Center
  4. Browse and add Screen Recording
  5. Exit out of Settings
  6. From the bottom of your screen, swipe-up to access Control Center
  7. Now tap on the Screen Recording button to start recording in iOS 12 or iOS 11


Screen recording tips on iOS 12 or iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad

It’s important to note that recording the screen in iOS 12 or iOS 11 will capture everything that happens on your screen. The best way to make the best screen recording on iOS 12 or iOS 11 is to edit the start and end of the video to make it look as clean as possible. You can do this from the Photos app.

Another suggestion that we have is to enable Do Not Disturb mode as your recording. This will help avoid random notifications, alerts or sounds from appearing while you’re screen recording.

It should also be noted that when you use iOS 11 and iOS 12 screen recording, your status bar will also be captured as well. Thus if you want to have your phone have a full battery when recoding, it’s better to have it plugged in or you don’t want others to know your wireless provider, you should record screen in Airplane Mode.


Reasons to screen record on iOS 12 or iOS 11

There’s a few different reasons why you would want to record screen on iOS 12 or iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad. The first is to have the ability to teach others how to quickly and easily solve a problem that they have. With screen recoding on iPhone and iPad, you can explain the navigation procedures to help solve someones problem.

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