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iOS 11/iOS 12: Screen Recording For iPhone And iPad Guide

One great thing about the recent release of iOS 11/iOS 12 is that you can now screen record on iPhone and iPad without having to download any third-party apps. For those that don’t know how to record screen in iOS 11/iOS 12 for iPad and iPhone, we’ll be explaining this feature in detail below.

Prior to the release of iOS 11/iOS 12, it was only possible to screenshot an image on your Apple device, not record screen of and share it with others. With the new built-in screen recording, you have so much more options on how you want to share your screen with other people. Below we’ll provide some tips and show you the way that you can enable screen recording on iOS 11/iOS 12.


How to turn on screen recording in iOS 11/iOS 12

  1. Power on your Apple device
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Tap on Control Center
  4. Find and select on Screen Recording
  5. Exit out of Settings
  6. Now from the bottom of the screen, swipe up to get to the Control Center
  7. Tap on Screen Recording to start iOS 11/iOS 12 screen recording

Screen recording tips

A few things that you should know before you start screen recording in iOS 11/iOS 12 is that everything that shows up on your screen will be recorded. If you don’t want others to see your wireless service provider or the percentage of your phone, it’s recommended to screen record with your phone on Airplane mode and plugged into a power source.

Furthermore, if you receive an alert, notification or text while recording screen on iPhone or iPad, that will also appear in the video. It’s suggested to turn on Do Not Disturb to avoid having these things show up on your screen while you’re screen recording.

One way that you can make your screen recordings look more professional is by editing the first and last few seconds of the video clip in the Photos app. The reason for this is once you tap on the screen record button, it’ll start filming until you press the button again. This might cause you to film some parts that don’t need to be added into the video.


Reasons you should record screen on iOS 11/iOS 12

The main reason that you should use iOS 11/iOS 12 record screen is because it eliminates the need to take several screenshots when want to share something of a longer length. You can also use screen recording to help someone when their having an issue with their phone and get the problem solved quickly.

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