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iPhone And iPad In iOS 11 And iOS 12 Autocorrect: Turning it OFF and ON

Any Apple iPhone or iPad in iOS 11/iOS 12 and even the older generations, ever since the iOS 4 to say the least, comes with a series of keyboard features. The Autocorrect, also known as Auto-Correction, is a part of this series that also includes Auto-Capitalization, Check Spelling, Predictive and many others. All these names are more than suggestive and using them should bring nothing but satisfaction.

And still, we’ve been getting a lot of complaints from our readers, all of them fans of the Apple devices who were very excited about using the Autocorrect and other features from the very beginning. Many of them have noticed that, despite signaling most of their spelling errors and typos in conversations, the Auto-Correction also has this tendency of making correction suggestions for words that aren’t truly misspelled.

Do you have the feeling that your iPhone or iPad in iOS 11 and iOS 12 autocorrects words that are not wrong? Even if the words they use to replace whatever you have initially typed are not wrong, they may not fit the context, thus making your messages look weird, to say the least.

Without trying to go too much into the details of what and why is happing in this chapter, we’d like to show you a guide on how to put an end to this controversial situation.


If you want to turn the autocorrect On/Off:

  1. Go to Settings >> General;
  2. Go to Keyboard;
  3. Find the Auto-Correction option;
  4. Switch its toggle with one tap.


The feature will automatically go to the opposite option when you tap on it. If you have the Autocorrect turned on, the iPhone or iPad in iOS 11 and iOS 12 will turn it off. The opposite works the same.

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