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iPhone Charger Not Working On iOS 11/iOS 12 Fix

When you’re running a software update, you need to be sure that the Apple device has enough battery. More often than not, you are required to charge it in the process, the context when many of our readers complain that it makes them realize that the charger stopped working. A faulty Apple iPhone charger right when you were trying to make the switch to iOS 11/iOS 12 is quite unpleasant. If it’s a cable issue preventing the charger from functioning at normal parameters, we might have a few fixes to recommend you.


First things first, check the Lightning port. Is there anything that slipped in there, preventing the connection and thus impairing the charging? It could be a thin layer of dust, some debris or who knows what kind of dirt that piled up. Sometimes, even something that you can barely see can have this effect, so do not ignore this possibility – check and gently clean the area, to ensure a solid connection between the iPad or the iPhone and its charger. Compressed air bottles work the best when it comes to removing all kinds of things from tiny slots, but a cotton swab might also help you.


Now, there is also the possibility that as you check the Lightning port you discover you’re having a bent charger. Lucky for you, we have already covered this topic in the past, so you can move on to read this guide on how to fix a bent charger on a smartphone. Maybe you’ll be able to solve the problem with the instructions presented in there.


So, it wasn’t the stuck Lightning port and it wasn’t the bent charger either? This is bad news as it could suggest a more serious issue like a defective device. A technician from an Apple Store or from the Apple Support channel is most entitled to draw this conclusion. Before you get there, there’s only one thing you can verify – the cable itself.


Sometimes, the charging during an iOS 11/iOS 12 update fails because you don’t have a certified iPhone cable. If it’s a charger bought from a third-party, and not an original accessory, you have all the chances to see this notification. It happened even to iOS 10 users, there’s no surprise. It might help if you would spend some time instructing yourself on the differences between uncertified and certified iPhone or iPad cables here.



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