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New iOS 11 Updates For Slides, Sheets and Docs From Google

It seems like Google has been having a busy week updating with recent updates to Chrome OS that now allows for Microsoft Office products to be used on almost all Chromebook. Google’s YouTube team has been working hard to fix a bug that drained the battery of iOS devices that used the YouTube app. Previously after watching 30 minutes of video via the YouTube app, many reported battery lose of around 20% in that time. But this bug has recently been fixed by the YouTube team.

In addition, it has just updated three of apps that many use on both iPhone and iPad. These apps are Slides, Sheets and Docs that can be updated from the Apple App Store. It’s important to note that these updates require iOS 11 and a large screen for all the features to work correctly. To be specific you’ll need to have the iPhone X with the larger screen and an iPad on iOS 11 so you can use the drag and drop features properly.

Slides, Sheets and Docs from Google are similar to those Apple that are already offered from Apple when you first turn on your device with Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. But it’s always a good thing to have options when deciding with which spreadsheet, word processing or slide show app that you’d like to use with your iOS device.




Slides, Sheets and Docs Update Specifics

It’s important to know that each of these apps take up a decent amount of storage. Google Slides needs 257 MB, Google Sheets needs 336 MB and Google Docs needs 211 MB of storage. But the good thing is that all three of these apps are free and can be download from the App Store. The build number for Google Sheets is 1.2017.46206, while for Slides and Docs their version number is 1.2017.46204.

In addition to the drag and drop and the usage of the screen notch on the iPhone X, Google did take away a few things from these new updated apps. The main feature that was removed was the ability to access the app using either Face ID, Touch ID or a passcode.

Many are hoping that Google also makes similar updates to at least Google Maps and Gmail to use that extra space that is provided with the iPhone X to create a better user interface when using these apps on the iPhone X.

What do you think of the update? Are you happy that Google has released a feature that makes use of the notch at the top of the iPhone X screen? Which apps do you think Google should focus on next to provide some updates that make use of both iOS 11 and the new screen resolution that the iPhone X provides.

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