Buddybuild Gets Acquired By Apple

Apple doesn’t make many acquisitions, with the most recent one of Shazam in 2017 (the music identification app) for roughly $400 million last year. But Apple has recently acquired a new computer software startup by the name of Buddybuild based out of Vancouver, Canada.

Buiddybuild is a company that helps develop a “continuous integration, continuous deployment, and user feedback platform for development teams,” according to their website. A recent blog post mentions that they’ll be joining Apple’s coding platform, Xcode team. Apple plans to keep the team in Canada and not bring them to Cupertino.

The acquisition price has not be discoursed, but it should be a nice payday for the Vancouver based company that was first founded in 2015 with around 40 engineers. Buddybuild was founded by former Amazon employees and raised about $8.8 million and was backed by Kleiner Perkins.


A recent post from Buddybuild:



Buddybuild will no longer accept no customer, but still be available for current customers through the buddybuild website. In addition, Android app development will stop on March 1st 2018 and the free pricing plan is also no longer available.

It’s unknown how the Buddybuild team will integrate with Xcode, but it should be believed that they’ll be working on developing great tools for iOS developers in the future.


Source: [ Buddybuild ]


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