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Back Button Not Working On OnePlus 6 – Fixed

When you say that the OnePlus 6 back button isn’t working, what do you mean? You tap it and nothing happens or you tap it and it will take you back without lighting up like it used to? Because there’s a very clear difference between the two of them. And even though the first option is the worst thing that can happen to you, it is also the option that has been reported the least.

For this reason, we dare to assume that your current problems with the OnePlus 6 back button are only caused by the disappearance of that light up that you used to see with every tap you made. To ease your worries, even if those soft keys on your smartphone have stopped displaying the light, they most likely still work.

What’s even better, the cause of the problem is the fact that the feature itself has been turned off. And coming up next, we’re going to show you how to turn it back on.


To fix OnePlus 6 back button, fix the touch key light first:

  1. Unlock the display of the device;
  2. Swipe down from top to bottom with one finger, to bring up the Notification Shade;
  3. Select the Settings icon listed in there;
  4. Tap the Quick Settings menu;
  5. Select the Power Saving submenu;
  6. Go to the option with the name Power Saving Mode;
  7. Finally, select the Restrict Performance option;
  8. And see the entry “Turn off touch key light”, with a special box next to it – uncheck that box.


When you disable the option that would normally turn off the touch key light, your OnePlus 6 should automatically light up that touch key, whenever your actions would require it.

Do that and, from now on, you will no longer have the feeling that the OnePlus 6 Back Button is not working, because it does. And now you can see it with your own eyes!

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