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Block Anonymous Calls On OnePlus 6

It is very important to know the procedure for blocking calls to your OnePlus 6 from unknown contacts. The OnePlus 6 owners receive calls from anonymous contacts under different circumstances. These calls are sometimes from marketers and people trying to harass others, but the truth is that they are irritating.

The good thing is that you can stop the harassment by blocking these anonymous callers. There are different approaches to ensure these callers don’t reach you. The approaches include blocking unknown callers through the OnePlus 6 menu and second approach is through using an application.


OnePlus 6 Blocking Unknown Callers Through Menu

The smartphone options will allow you to block calls from unknown callers.

  1. Navigate to the phone application that allows you to dial numbers when calling.
  2. Now open the keyboard followed by the menu key.
  3. Tap on call settings and select call forwarding
  4. Open the Auto blocking list to see unknown call option
  5. Tick to activate this option and block unknown callers

Note that this procedure might vary depending on the phone model that you are using. Therefore if you can’t find either of the above, then you can try the second option below.


Using Special Applications To Block Anonymous Callers On OnePlus 6

There are various applications that you can install on your One Phone 6 and use them to block anonymous callers. These apps enable blocking of calls and also text messages from unknown callers. In addition, you will find a feature in these apps that allows you to specify the time and days when to block the particular caller(s). Use the Call Blacklist Application to block the callers. This application is simple to use and allows the user great versatility.

To use it, you need to download it online and have it installed on your OnePlus 6. Once it is already installed, now open the application and navigate to the settings view. Click on the call blocking feature and select anonymous callers. Make sure you tick on the option Reject Unknown Contacts for the blocking to be successful. Once you have done this, you will not receive bothering calls again.


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