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Change Alarm Ringtone On OnePlus 6

The ringtone of your alarm might at some point become boring. Therefore, to hear a different tone when your wakeup alarm goes off, follow the guide below. To begin with, the phone parameters will offer the first option through which you can alter the ringtone. Then, the second option will be to use an application that enables you to alter the tone.


Altering Ringtone Of OnePlus 6 Alarm Through The Settings 

The simplest approach when you want to change the ringtone is through the settings approach. To do this:

  1. Open the clock on your OnePlus6. The clock app is the one you use to set alarms
  2. Click on the Tab where alarm is shown.
  3. Select the particular alarm you want to alter the tone for
  4. Select Ring
  5. A list of alarm ring tones will be displayed. Listen to either of them to hear how it sounds
  6. Select the tone that best suits your preferences.


Once you have completed the above steps, a different tone will be heard the next time the alarm goes off. In case you don’t hear or find the alarm that suits your preferences, then you need to go through the sounds to alter the tone.


Installing an Application that allows you to Change Alarm Tone On OnePlus 6

There are different apps that allow you to select the alarm tone from the musi9c selection on your phone. Some of these apps are actually free one of the most recommended applications is SonnerieRéveiletAlarme. This application is very useful and still very simple to use. You can easily define the OnePlus 6 ringtone through making use of this application. All you need to do is to download the application and have it installed on your phone.


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