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Changing Lock Screen On OnePlus 6 – Guide

Changing things on your OnePlus 6 isn’t just about customizing it or making it look catchier. Some of the options you have at hand actually concern some rather practical aspects, options that will make it more usable in the end. Take, for instance, the options of changing Lock Screen on OnePlus 6. Below, you’ll find the practical aspects (what widgets or snippets of information you can add to it), as well as the beautifying aspects (like the background image).


How to change Lock Screen settings on OnePlus 6

  • From the Home Screen of your smartphone, bring up the Notification Shade swiping with one finger from top to bottom;
  • Select the Settings icon from the corner of the Notification Shade;
  • Select the Lock Screen submenu from the Settings;
  • Once in there, you’ll see no less than 7 different options that you can choose to display on the Lock Screen:
    1. Dual Clock (for home and a different time zone)
    2. Clock Size (for display size changes)
    3. Show the Date (for date display)
    4. Camera Shortcut (for launching the camera without unlocking the phone)
    5. Owner Information (for Twitter handles or other relevant information to be displayed)
    6. Unlock Effect (try Watercolor!)
    7. Additional info (for apps like Pedometer, Weather)


Naturally, simply because you have all these options at hand you aren’t forced in any way to use them all at once. Take a good look at them and decide which ones you really need and which ones you’re better off. Because when you select them all, you will clearly have some problems with trying to spot the essentials when looking at OnePlus 6 Lock Screen. But speaking of looking at it and what you see…


How to change the Lock Screen image on OnePlus 6

Aside from all the tweaks that you can apply to the Lock Screen of OnePlus 6, there’s also the possibility of changing the background image. This time, you won’t have to go to Settings, as you can start the navigation right from the Home Screen:

  1. Just find an empty space on the main panel of the Home Screen;
  2. Tap in that area and hold until the Edit Mode extends on the screen;
  3. From the bottom of the Edit window, select Wallpaper and then Lock Screen;
  4. Check the default Lock Screen images as available in there or use the More images if you want to use any other image stored on the smartphone as a background image.


That’s it for now, try learning how to change the Lock Screen on OnePlus 6 by yourself. And if you bump into any problems, don’t hesitate to drop us a note!

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