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Check IMEI For OnePlus 5

IMEI is a term you might have heard of, but have you ever stopped and asked yourself what does it mean or whether is it something that should concern you or not? If you just bought yourself an OnePlus 5 and you have recently bumped into a related discussion, let us tell you a few words about IMEI codes in general and, most importantly, about the IMEI code of your OnePlus 5.

This is an abbreviation that stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity. It is a general attribute of all smartphones that serves the GSM networks with identifying every single device and establishing its validity. If a smartphone is blacklisted or stolen, a carrier can check its status through this IMEI code.

The process is quite straightforward – whenever a particular IMEI is blacklisted, from that moment on, all its registries will be notified of that bad IMEI number and will block its access to their network. Since you cannot really change your IMEI number, such an action is guaranteed to block the device from being used when stolen or lost. Of course, to know your IMEI number and blacklist it when you lose the OnePlus 5, you have to have it at hand.

Basically, whenever you are looking to buy a new smartphone, it is worth checking its IMEI number and making sure that it hasn’t been previously blacklisted. This can be done extremely easy as there are various websites where one can check and validate the OnePlus 5 IMEI status.

Whether you work with Sprint, Verizon, AT&T or another carrier, find out the IMEI number and type it on that website. You should get various details about the OnePlus 5, from model and brand to more specific aspects such as the purchase date and, of course, the IMEI status.

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