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Connecting OnePlus 5 With TV

So, you finally decided that you’d like to connect your OnePlus 5 on a TV – who wouldn’t like this kind of experience? But while you might have seen many other Android users doing so with their smartphones, you’re clueless on how to do it from your device. Is it difficult? Does it take using a specific software? Will you have to spread wires around your house? Do you need special equipment?

Your series of questions is completely understandable but our answers on how to connect OnePlus 5 to a TV will pleasantly surprise you. We’ll stick to the basic instructions on mirroring the smartphone’s content to a TV. You’ll be able to draw some conclusions relevant to your questions from above on your own.


How to set up a wireless connection between OnePlus 5 and a TV:

  1. Buy an AllShare Hub, ONLY if you don’t have a OnePlus SmartTV;
  2. Connect the Hub to the TV through a regular HDMI cable;
  3. Connect the OnePlus 5 and the Hub to the TV, obviously, through the same wireless network;
  4. Go to Settings;
  5. Activate Screen Mirroring from there.


From where we stand, looks like we’ve covered all those questions on how to connect OnePlus 5 to TV. Pretty simple, right?

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