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Customizing Lockscreen On OnePlus 6 Guide

Even though it comes with lots of predefined details, your OnePlus 6 still has many other options left for you to try out. Starting with the Lock Screen on OnePlus 6, you can implement up to 8 changes, each one meant to either make your smartphone more usable or more attractive. Let us show you what is all about and then you can decide which of these changes you’d like to put into practice right away for the OnePlus 6 customization.


Customizing Lockscreen On OnePlus 6

  1. Change the Wallpaper

It’s one of the things that most users are most eager to try out before anything else. You’ll have to long press the Home Screen until you activate the Edit Mode and to select the Lock Screen from there. You’ll see the predefined Lock Screen wallpapers and get to choose between those options or use More Images to select a different picture from your smartphone.


  1. Change the clock size

Everybody has the clock displayed right on the Lock Screen so that they don’t have to unlock the device every time when they need to check the time. If you want to adjust its size, you can do it from Settings, underneath the Lock Screen section, at the Clock Size feature.


  1. Display the dual clock format

This one is for when you’re traveling and you want to know the exact hour both at your current location and at home. Use the Dual Clock option for that.


  1. Display the date on the Lock Screen

Just like you enjoy knowing what time it is, you might also want to have the date at hand. Use the Show The Date option for that purpose.


  1. Have the Camera icon at hand

If you don’t like to double tap the Home button for launching the Camera, you can place a shortcut to the app right on the Lock Screen. You’ll swipe it and it will launch the Camera if you use the Camera Shortcut feature.


  1. Set up a cool unlock effect

This one is just for fun but we strongly advise you to have a look at the Unlock Effect options. Chances are you’re going to love the Watercolor effect, just like we do.


  1. Add some other app icons

If you decide to try the Additional Info feature, you can bring the widgets for Weather and Pedometer right on the Lock Screen.


  1. Display your personal details for emergency contacting

If you ever lose your OnePlus 6 and you have customized its Lock Screen with the Owner Information feature, you’re more likely to get it back. Whether you set your Twitter handles in there or any other relevant contact information, people will be able to see it and use it for reaching out to you.

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