Deleting Internet History On OnePlus 6 – Guide

If you have the OnePlus 6 smartphone, there’s a high probability that much of your experience relates to browsing the web. Whatever your reasons may be, if you want to keep your internet preferences private, you can periodically choose to erase the history of all the web pages you have accessed and all the web data that the device itself stored.


Have you been using the default Android browser? To delete its internet history…

  1. Begin by launching that app;
  2. Go to its upper right corner, where you have the 3-point icon and tap it;
  3. From the menu that will drop down, select the Settings entry;
  4. Next, select Privacy and look for the Delete Personal Data option;
  5. When you tap that option, you get access to a list with multiple options related to your web browsing history;
  6. Check those options and decide if you want to wipe out the browsing history alone, or the cache, the site data and cookies, the auto-fill information, or whatever else you have in there;
  7. After ticking the desired boxes, you’re one click-on-the-Delete-button away from deleting the internet history of your OnePlus 6 Android browser.


Have you switched to Google Chrome? To delete the internet browsing history…

  1. Bring up the Google Chrome app;
  2. Access its settings;
  3. Go to History;
  4. Select the Clear Browsing Data option;
  5. Check the types of data that you wish to remove and wait.


If you’ve been through both options, you won’t help but notice that despite being quite similar, the process of removing your internet history on Google Chrome is a bit more flexible.

Within the final stage of it all, you have more than the all or nothing erase option (as with the Android browser). In Chrome, you can delete the entire internet browser history of the OnePlus 6 or you can choose only specific entries from that history to be removed.

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