Finding IMEI Serial Number For OnePlus 6

The IMEI serial number is that lengthy code, unique to your OnePlus 6, that you normally couldn’t care less about, until you actually need it. In case you didn’t know, GSM networks determine which devices are valid and which aren’t, based on that serial number. When you want to buy a phone, you will have to check its IMEI and make sure no one else reported it as stolen or no carrier blacklisted it.

\The same, if you want to report a theft, you might have to provide that number, as the proof that it’s your phone or to convince the carrier that you have the right to ask them block it within the network. And all these apply no matter if you’re working with Verizon, AT&T, or whatever other carrier.


Where can you look for the OnePlus 6 IMEI serial number right away?

If you have your smartphone at hand, you don’t need anything else to find out its IMEI number. And you actually have two different options that you can use, both of which will give you the same results – it’s just a matter of preference. To begin with, you can bring up the Phone App and select the Dial tab, where you normally type numbers that you don’t have on your agenda, before you make a call.

Within the Dial Pad window, you should type the service code *#06# and then, without moving a finger, the display will be covered by a new window where you’ll get to see your phone’s IMEI number.

Alternatively, you can go to the Settings menu and look for the Device Information tab. The IMEI is a pretty important information about your device and you can expect to find it in there, underneath the Status submenu.


What if you don’t have the OnePlus 6 at hand in this very moment?

If you don’t have the phone with you, hopefully, you have its package somewhere close. The third place where you can check for this number is right on the box that it came with. That box will have a sticker with the IMEI imprinted on it and you can spot it right away.

Of course, not too many people know where their smartphone’s original packaging is. So, you’ll probably be safer by checking it right on the OnePlus 6. Either way, you now know what it takes to find the IMEI serial number. Let’s just hope you’ll be checking it out of curiosity, and not because you have some other serious problem…


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