Fix Insufficient Storage Available On OnePlus 6

You will not be able to install n3ew applications neither can you copy files to your phone when the memory is filled up. The truth is that there will be no more space to take the new applications or the new files. When this happens, you don’t need to feel curious. You just need to free some space and then you can store new files as well as install additional apps.

In this article, we will illustrate how you can free some additional space on your OnePlus 6. In case of a saturated memory, we will try to figure why this happens. Then we will explain how you can set some free space and finally how to increase the phones memory.


A Saturated OnePlus 6 Memory

If you are seeing a message showing “Storage Space Insufficient”, this is enough to tell you that the memory of your phone is filled up. There are various reasons why the phones memory can be filled up. Probably you have so many photos or even music files that are filling up the memory. In addition, you could have installed so many applications that take huge space on your phone. Therefore, if this is happening to your OnePlus 6, and you need to install some additional apps or transfer files to the phone, you will have to free up some space.


Guide for Fixing Storage Insufficient Issue on OnePlus 6 Smartphone

To free up space on your OnePlus 6 so that you can install apps or add files, you just need to follow the following procedures:

  1. Remove applications that you no longer need to use
  2. Empty the Cache of particular apps that take excess space
  3. Transfer the images and videos to the PC to ease the space.
  4. Transfer the Files to an External memory or use File Synch to move the files to the cloud
  5. Move the pictures to OnePlus SD card
  6. Transfer the Applications to SD Card


There are applications that you can use to free the memory of the phone. One example is the CCleaner and this application can ease your experience. This application also enables you to study the memory usage on your mobile device.


Options for Increasing OnePlus 6 Space

The memory of your phone can be increased and therefore you might not need to delete the files or uninstall the applications. This option is where you have to buy an external memory card also known as an SD card. If you already have an SD Card, then consider buying one with a larger capacity.


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