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Fixing Disappeared Pictures On OnePlus 6

When you delete pictures by mistake, you’re more willing to accept it because it was your fault, right? But when your OnePlus 6 is making some of the pictures in your Gallery to disappear, you’re quite annoyed. What’s worse, you might notice that this behavior doesn’t have a pattern. Today you’ll see a couple of pictures missing from the Gallery and tomorrow, those pictures will be back but others have disappeared in the meantime. What is going on?

If things are really as described, it’s either a problem with the Gallery app or a problem with your media scanner. From this perspective, there are only two ways that you can fix the disappeared pictures in Gallery:

  1. You can try using a third-party Gallery app;
  2. You can try to restart your OnePlus 6 and see if the media scanner reads your files right.


For the first option, you know what you have to do. First, give the default Gallery app a chance – restart and reboot the device, to make sure there isn’t any bug or glitch in the functioning of that app. Then, you can also wipe the cache of the smartphone, with these instructions, to see if the Gallery is still not showing some of the pictures. But if none of these works, go to the Play Store and search for the QuickPic or any other well-rated third-party gallery app.

For the second option, when the error doesn’t seem connected to the app itself, consider a more general problem like the media scanner. Restart the OnePlus 6 to see if, afterward, it will pick up the right photos. Missing images normally show up even after a simple restart, but if you need to reboot the phone, here you have a dedicated guide.

We really hope that this information helped you and don’t forget – things aren’t always as bad as they seem. After all, knowing how to fix the disappeared pictures in the Gallery of your OnePlus 6 is not that complicated.

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