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Fixing OnePlus 6 Screen Won’t Turn On Guide

No matter how the OnePlus 6 screen won’t turn on users describe this malfunction, when the screen remains black on OnePlus 6 whatever they do, it’s a wake-up fail of the display. You too might have dealt with it in the past, so you know that such things tend to occur randomly and, sometimes, the problem disappears on its own while other times you’re stuck with it.

What can you do the first time you notice that your OnePlus 6 screen won’t turn on? Chances are you will suspect a low battery, so, you’d better rush and plug the charger into a power outlet. Wait for a few minutes and only then try to wake up the screen again. If the device is still unresponsive – better said, if the screen is unresponsive, because the buttons could light up normally – you still have a couple of other potential issues to check up. Ask yourself if…


The power button is blocked

Like we said, there are many things you can try but it would be a pity to waste your time investigating complex software problems when, in reality, the Power button could be blocked. Just to be sure, tap it several times in a row, hoping that, if some debris was caught up in there, you could remove it. If the button doesn’t seem blocked, carry on with the following potential solutions for fixing screen won’t turn on OnePlus 6.


A third-party app is blocking your phone

To test this theory, enter the only mode where third-party apps cannot operate and wait to see if the screen remains black in there as well. That mode is obviously the Safe Mode and you can get to it if you:

  1. Long-press the Power key of the OnePlus 6;
  2. Wait to see the OnePlus screen loading and switch the pressing from the Power to the Volume Down key;
  3. As the system restart is in progress, the Safe Mode logo will show up and you can let go of that key too because you’re officially in Safe Mode.


The system cache is full

The system cache, just like the app cache, piles up all kinds of information until it fails. When that happens, wiping it for a clean start is the best thing to do. In the particular case of the operating system cache, to clear the cache of the OnePlus 6, you will first have to boot into Recovery Mode and operate from there:

  1. Turn off your phone;
  2. Tap and hold the keys for Volume Up, Power, and Home, all at the same time, all until the phone vibrates;
  3. After you feel that short vibration, release the Power key and continue to tap and hold the two other, up until you can see the Android System Recovery screen loading;
  4. When you’re in Recovery Mode, expect to be able to switch from one menu to another using the Volume Down key;
  5. Tap it until you get to the Wipe Cache Partition menu and start wiping the cache with a Power button tap;
  6. Eventually, the smartphone will reboot on its own and return to the normal mode with a clean cache.


The problem is bigger than you

You probably don’t like to admit it but if you’ve come this far without any improvements on the state of your OnePlus 6 black screen, chances are that the problem is bigger than you. Obviously, there’s no shame in admitting that… In fact, the sooner you accept that there’s nothing else you can do, the sooner you’ll take the device to an authorized center.

A technician could conclude that it’s defective and it needs some replacement parts or you might even have to get a new one. Whatever it is, don’t you want to know for a fact? So, go on, try this last thing when your OnePlus 6 won’t turn on.

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